Best restaurant deals for Father's Day throughout Palm Beach County

Posted Jun 2023

Celebrate dads all Father's Day weekend with several barbecue entrees.

Whether your dad is Ward Cleaver from "Leave It to Beaver" or Hal Wilkerson from "Malcolm in the Middle," if he loves his family and puts them first don't forget him on his special day.

Sure, he may have yelled at you once or twice for spilling paint in the garage, not mowing the lawn when he asked (despite your solemn promises you'd 'get to it') or getting a 'D' on your report card, but deep down you know you deserved it and possibly are the better for it.

Maybe none of that happened and you have nothing but fond memories of weekend excursions or adventures. Maybe he imparted some life-long wisdom or gave you a few good laughs that helped make you a better person.

Father's Day is the perfect opportunity for a little thanks or at least a great meal, a drink or even dessert. Here are several restaurants to take dads to and show them how much you love, respect and appreciate them on their special day.

Duffy's Sports Grill

Celebrate dads all Father's Day weekend with several barbecue entrees. These include the half rack of bbq ribs for $17.49, full rack for $26.99, a half rack and wings for $21.99 or a half rack and shrimp for $22.99. Also, dad's first pint (Miller Lite, Blue Moon or Yuengling) is free.

Information: Duffy's locations are located throughout Palm Beach County.

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