The Ten Best Bar Appetizers in Broward

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Bar appetizers don’t get enough credit. They are a crucial part of a night out drinking, the concrete that holds it altogether. Without solid snacks to munch on while we drink, there would be many more instances of bad things happening — just terrible, no-good, bad things. And a meal made of apps is a meal meant to be shared while the drinks and the conversation flow.

Thankfully in Broward, we have plenty of watering holes that also offer some of the finest grub one could ask for while drinking.

From gastropubs to sports bars, here are some of the most delicious bar snacks Broward County has to offer.

Duffy’s Sports Grill: Chicken Quesadillas

Not all quesadillas are born equal; that’s just the world we live in. With that said, the chicken quesadillas at Duffy’s are surprisingly superb for a sports bar. They amount to the familiar ingredients; a flour tortilla stuffed with caramelized onions and roasted red peppers and drizzled with enchilada sauce. Wait, enchilada sauce?! Yup, that’s the part that sets them off and makes them ridiculously good. Crunching down on these with a Corona while the game is on is what it’s all about.

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