The Best Sports Bar in Every City

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Pro football and sports bars go together like a former NFL player and a long-term prison sentence: perfectly! And since football season is in full swing, we’re naming the best sports bar in every NFL city. Keep in mind we’re not just talking about the best Giants bar in New York or the best Cowboys bar in Dallas; rather, these are the best places to watch sporting events based on the outrageous number of TVs, the deliciousness of the food and drink, and the all-around attributes that make them places we want to party on game day.

Miami Beach, FL (Dolphins)

Since the departure of LeBron James and anything resembling “hope” for the Marlins, a sports bar in Miami is going to have to offer a lot more than big TVs to get anyone to go. Then again, Miami’s always been more about the party than the game. This spot right on the Intracoastal Waterway has all day, every day two-for-one drinks, a giant swimming pool to enjoy them in, and, of course, the Miami-required live nightly DJ.

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