Sports bar offers relief, AC, for Irma-sick residents

Posted Sep 2017

There are still so many people in South Florida without power or air conditioning in their homes, and their nerves are at a wits end after all the stress that Irma brought them. One restaurant in North Palm Beach reopened as soon as it could to help it's customers deal with the aftermath.

We've all been so stressed out and cooped up for the better part of a week getting ready for Hurricane Irma, experiencing Hurricane Irma, Here's what it looks like when everyone wants to let of some steam at the same time.

Duffy in North Palm Beach re-opened on Monday, staying open right up until the imposed post Irma curfew, to give those who have been stressed out and cooped up a chance to unwind.

"I love the A/C," said one patron with a smile. "The A/C and cold drink."

"It's been super anxiety the last four days," said another patron. "So coming together, and being able to come out of the house (is great), and we unfortunately don't have power, so it's been super difficult."

And that is why reopening so soon after Hurricane Irma was so important to General Manager Adnane Chalf.

"Usually I see the same faces, and they don't usually talk to each other," says Chalf. "B these kind of circumstances bring everybody together."

"It's all family it's all community," said a Duffy's patron as he enjoyed a glass of wine with his wife. "We're all pulling together, we're going to get through this. Raise a glass to that."


by John Evenson

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