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Paul Emmett, president and ceo of Duffy's Sports Grill.

Prayers to all the Duffy's family.

- Joe Patenaude
I've never met Paul, but I'm grateful for all the effort he put in to make Duffy's a great franchise here in South Florida. My favorite location is the PGA one and have had a lot of great times there with the staff and some familiar patrons. The atmosphere of this place is very comfortable and friendly. I've never been to any other place where I was treated so special. R.I.P. Paul and may your legacy live on.

- Kevin Smith
Had the pleasure of working with this company for almost 6 years and counting . Paul was an amazing man whom when walked into the room made people laugh smile and feel welcome he was one of the best , you will truly be missed , I love working for this company , rest in paradise you're sweet soul will be missed love you're employee amanda

- Amanda hall
May he rest in peace

- Jim Tracy

My daughter Jeiry worked for Mr. Emmett for 2 years. She was so impressed by him, his personality his all his accomplishments, The treatment that he gave to his employees and those around him. RIP Mr. Emmett

- Maribel
Very sorry for your lost ,he was a very good person and my prayers are with you through this sad time and God bless him.

- javier vargas
We are so incredibly sorry for the loss of Paul. He was such an incredible man and will be dearly missed by our community. Please pass our sentiments on to the staff and family. You all are in our thoughts and prayers...

- Luke from Wizards Creations
R I P Paul

- george paglia
Paul gave me my start out of college in 2004, I spent nearly 3 years at Duffy's as a GM. We didn't always see it the same way, but I respected him and was grateful for the opportunities he gave me, I will miss him, he was a great man.

- Dustin Lapekas
A long time ago, we wrote in to complain about a particular store. We were so surprised to receive an email from Mr Emmett, that night, within a few hours! We were so impressed that the owner would not only read our email, but take the time to write us back. Our issue was quickly resolved. Since then, we have been very loyal to Duffy's and have been "All-Stars" for some years now. We have had other communications in between then and now, and he was always very kind, sincere, and genuine. Our condolences to his family and friends. May God comfort you in this time of loss.

- Alejandro and Lori U
Huge fan of the brand. Never met this gentleman--yet admire his business philosophies a lot. Condolences to the staffs & family. And rest nicely, Paul...

- Marty Reagan
Paul I didn't know you, but, you built a wonderful restaurant chain. The food is wonderful and the management is fantastic all due to your insight how to do it right. Your legacy will live on!!! RIP

- Norman Lefkowitz
Story about Paul? How do I even choose where to start? People often, too easily, throw around the term "He was a great man" or the phrase "He will be missed". Paul Emmett was a great man who be missed. Not only do I cherish my "stories" of Paul, but for many years, I have told people far and wide actual "Paul" stories. Every time I think about any of them I can't help but grin ear to ear. Despite knowing him for a nearly 15 years, the man regularly shocked and amazed me. He would often say or do something that in minutes would literally and dramatically change the way I did things forever. Those who knew him, know that one of his traits was he was one of the fastest and firmest decisions makers on the planet - shockingly so. Being from a strong business background, I know that the larger a firm gets the less agile it becomes. It can't adapt as fast to changing tides. Yet no matter how big the decision Paul could, in some cases, make a decision in SECONDS. Not only that, but his decisions were incredibly accurate. He could make a massive expensive decision as quick as if he were selecting which item to purchase in a $1 vending machine. But he got things done - done well. I spent a day with him hiring candidates for an executive level position. I wanted to take 300 resumes and narrow them down to the top 15 candidates. Then send those a second level round detailed questionnaire. Then have a phone interview with the top 5 and ultimately bring in the top 3 for him to meet and to put through a rigorous interview. (As a side note, Paul had a talent for surrounding himself with truly incredible people, so I wanted to get this PERFECT). I won't go into the full story but he called me and somehow talked me into meeting with ALL 15 top candidates. In ONE day! And he did every one of them with me. Long story short... it was like watching Michael Jordan easily dodge everyone and dunk a ball like he was going through the days mail. Not me of course, I probably looked like I had stuck my finger in an electric outlet. I didn't even think it was possible but it was amazing to watch. And I learned so much so fast. I remember begging him to sleep on it. But I wasn't even back to my office when my cell phone rang and he said we should offer the one we liked right now. I tried to talk him out of it but I could tell he was excited. And his argument was unstoppable. It gets better. We had a salary range in mind. A GOOD salary range. The top of the range was only for the best of the best and was exceedingly generous. He offered the candidate substantially more than the top of the range and ever more then the candidate wanted! I asked him why?!? He would have been happy to get far less. He told me yet another thing that literally changed how I do things. He told me he not only wanted to get this top talent. He wanted him THRILLED to be on the team. Excited and anxious to give his all. The more I have reflected on this over the years, the more profound I realize that was. I regularly tell that story and all the lessons associated with it. I too would rather stretch to surround myself with the very best people that are excited and thrilled to be part of such a great team. There are tons of other stories I share. Always grinning and laughing. There was the time I had to scold him a bit like a puppy. I can even remember pointing at him, grinning like a mad man and asking him not to throw all this equipment I had gathered away. I could tell he wanted to. If I blinked and left a bunch of older equipment someplace it could easily end up in a dumpster. Always ready to make way for newer and better things. I knew his personal cell phone and was shocked that it was really the same one he posted in all of his restaurants. I have a ton of clients I trust and care deeply about but very few have my cell phone. So I asked him if he was nuts! He confirmed... anyone could call him any time on his cell! Then he told me about a call he got one time. And in 1 minute, he changed my mind and stunned me on his genius in under 60 seconds, yet again. He was generous too. Not only has he done tons for South Florida, he was always looking out for others in a unique way. He was MY client and yet, I swear he took better care of me, despite me trying to take care of him. He was wise. There are SO many things he has told me that are profound. Things I have thought and thought and thought about for years. I'm no slouch. I have more degrees than a thermometer, have counseled countless "experts", am the guy others go to when they have run out of all other options. And yet, his advice shocked and changed me... regularly. He was humble. For goodness sakes he was the CEO of a hugely successful business and yet if he had to pitch in taking orders or cooking food when power was out after the hurricanes... he did it. I saw him pitch in with dirty work and helping anyone any time. My single most difficult business crisis in my life occurred and he encouraged me. But the way he did it will remain between him and I and to this day touches me dramatically. Paul was one of those men that if he called me at 3am because his car broke down and asked me to pick him up across the state, I would GLADLY do it. I would be THANKFUL to him for the opportunity. That was how I felt about the man. For years I have told "Paul Stories" and shared, literally laughs, shock and amazement with his accountant, my staff, his staff, his family... If you were lucky enough to know him and see the shock and laughter on my face telling the stories.. you would understand. I so badly want to honor him but what do I do? I feel his loss and yet I won't get to see him again. Paul Emmett was a great man. He was my friend. I will miss him terribly and yet I was so blessed to know him.

- Alan Crowetz
I greatly respect the way Paul lead his Team and was dedicated to their training and education. A gifted leader. Blessings to the Emmett Family.

- Chef David Pantone – Lincoln Culinary Institute
It was always a pleasure to serve him at Superplay, never any issues. No one ever wanted to serve him because he was the owner which I understand, it can be intimidating but he was always a nice man to me. Prayers to his family and may he Rest In Peace.

- Ashlee Sabbatino
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He was a delightful man. He said that if there's anything I needed, to just let him know. A real businessman. That's how you run a business!

- Stan Wisdom
Having worked as a teenager at Village and again as a young adult at Clematis, I was fortunate enough to have run into Paul and his family more than most. Thank you for the many years of employment. Most of all, thank you for the friendships I gained from working at Duffy's. They're are so many friendships and families that have Paul Emmett and Duffy's to thank for. Thank you so much and rest in peace.

- Alison Healy
Mr. Emmett is a well liked and respected man and business person. His restaurants are run by professional and adept people and the community is a better place for his commitment. He will be sorely missed by all.

- Randall Bazal
My condolences to his family.

- Lieda Meyer
So sorry for your very sudden lose.

- Jay Bernstein
Although I never had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Emmett personally, I was truly impressed with the way on which he viewed customers. He reied personally to several emails I wrote with the warmth and wit I can imagine is a hallmark of his character. My condolences to his wife, and family. With warm regards, Kimberly

- Alexandra Kimberly Osias
I had the pleasure of meeting Paul when he was opening his first Dade county Duffy's. It was obvious that he had a passion for the chain he was creating and the "Team" that helped him achieve his dream. Fortunately Pauls' dream will continue as he watches from above. Steve Weinberg

- Steve Weinberg
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