Duffy’s North Miami Beach picked as hot, new outdoor drinking spot

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By now, you’ve probably hit up all the best outdoor drinking spots we were nice enough to power-rank for you last year, and, like any good Miamian, you’re totally over it and looking for something new. Well, right in time for Summer, here’re six new spots to hit up where you can drink outside, and then run for cover at 4:30 when the thunderstorm starts.

Duffy’s, North Miami
Those cruel, cruel folks at Duffy’s gave us a waterfront patio full of flat-screens and a pool full of cool water to jump in when the Dolphins became unwatchable, then took it away right in time for Winter. But after a massive renovation, it’s reopened just in time for you to get your two-for-one all-day, every-day drink on, then jump in the pool when the Marlins also become unwatchable.




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