Duffy’s Top 10 BBQ Grilling Tips

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Duffy’s Top 10 BBQ Grilling Tips

Summer is in full swing and it’s time to break out the grill for some family fun! Now before you fire up that Weber or Big Green Egg we want to share our top 10 tips for ensuring you have the best BBQ ever (and walk away with all your eyebrows). Read on grill master!

1. Safety First!

No one wants to be ‘that guy’ who sent the BBQ up in smoke by going a little too crazy with the lighter fluid. Be mindful of your surroundings when grilling. Take your grill outside away from trees, rooftops, and it may be a good idea to drag the water hose over with you. Remember when you grill “less is more”. Be patient with the fire but attentive. Keep small children and nosey neighbors away from the grill at all times. Be sure to wear gloves and be aware of the wind direction for smoke and flames.

BIG TIP: Purchasing a small fire extinguisher is a great way to keep ahead of any BBQ dangers.

2. Quality of Product is Key

We have all heard the phrase “it’s like putting lipstick on a pig” well, same can be said when out at the bbq. No matter how great your sauce, smoke or grilling techniques are without the proper quality meats and other ingredients you are not going to win the neighborly grill competition (we know this goes on so don’t act surprised).  For red meat be sure it’s Certified Angus which goes through an intense level of scrutiny and quality standards. For pork you can’t miss with Hormel. Poultry on your mind? Try Sanderson’s Farms or look for locally sourced, organic chicken.

3. To Run or not to Rub? Are too many spices a bad thing?

This is the age old question it seems “Do I add granddad’s rub mixture to all this meat before putting on the grill or do I cook it plain?” We have got an easy answer for you. When cooking briskets or loins for extended periods of time (4-8hours) a rub is encouraged as the long cooking time will allow the spices to blend. If your ribs are going straight to the grill then some generous salt and pepper may be the best bet. Remember once anything hits that fire it could cause a spike in the flames sending your BBQ masterpiece up in smoke.


Yes. Those are our fall off the bone baby back ribs…

4. Low and Slow wins the BBQ Race

Yes, this goes out to all you impatient grill masters out there. The longer you cook your BBQ and the lower the heat the better it is. It’s that simple. For example, cooking your ribs in chicken stock in the oven for 4 hours and then finishing on the grill will ensure “fall off the bone” goodness. Try experimenting with lower heats for longer cooking intervals and have one area of the grill as your “hot spot” or “finishing spot”. A nice touch of char at the end is great but not too much. Remember people want tender!

5. Know your grill!

It’s very important to know what kind of grill you are working with before you have the big neighborhood grill off.  All grills are not created equal. For example, gas grills tend to heat quicker and can cook items at very high heats quickly while a charcoal grill takes a bit of time to warm. Gas grills are known to have “hot spots” or areas that are warmer than others. Charcoal grills can provide a great smoke, char flavor to your BBQ but require a lot of upkeep. Be sure to test your grill a few times and when not using it keep it out of nature’s elements.

Our NY Strip Steak….O.M.G.

6. Preparation is Key

Preparation is the name of the game in all cooking. Spending twice the amount of time in prepping your cooking adventure is a must when heading out to the BBQ grill. From marinades to butchering, you want to make sure you have everything ready to go before you take off to the flame. So, take some time in the kitchen to prep, thaw, and chop the night before.

7. Gas or Charcoal? Hickory Chips or Apple?!

Gas or Charcoal? Which is better? Do I need to use hickory chips? These questions always seem to pop up for all of us when we hit the backyard for our weekend grill session. Our tip is to experiment but to keep in mind “less is more” let the natural flavors of your meats be enhanced by your awesome BBQ sauce and don’t worry too much about needing West Indian Pine Limbs (I mean c’mon guys) to your fire.

8. Awesome SAUCE!

Did you think we forgot about BBQ sauce? Pfft! Your favorite BBQ concoction is the first statement of your cooking so you want to make sure it represents you well. Besides dry chicken a bad sauce is sure to send the neighbors heading for the hills and the water pitcher. There are SOOO many different types of BBQ sauce for purchase over the counter.  You can go all out and make your own sauce(dare ya!).

 Remember when slapping on the BBQ sauce be sure to wait until the very end of cooking. BBQ sauce can char food quickly as it hits the heat sending your BBQ Ribs into a fiery grave. Coat the meat thoroughly with a brush but not too much. Think small trim paint brush not a roller!

BIG TIP: Keep your BBQ sauce on the grill in a small pot. Warm BBQ sauce spreads better and will require your meat to spend less time on the grill during this crucial cooking point.

9. Side Dishes- The real key to good BBQ experience

Why are we talking about side dishes with regard to grilling? Simple! Side dishes are really some guest’s best part. “Did you try Jimmy’s potato salad?!” or, “You have to try Carol’s cornbread” will be heard in loud shrills around the dining table.  Sadly men after all that hard work over the fire macaroni salad could be your most memorable dish so pay attention. Always opt for at least one mayonnaise based item like a cole slaw or potato salad. This will complement the BBQ well. Vegetables either served warmed on the grill or chilled into a vinegar based salad will have your guests raving. Don’t forget the bread. Most authentic BBQ places serve just plain white bread. A BBQ know it all will pick this up but we prefer a nice baguette toasted on the grill with a bit of garlic butter. 

10. Keep it simple and have fun!

Remember this time out on the grill is for fun with friends or family. Sometimes we all want to go overboard but some hamburgers and hotdogs are just as great to have.  So please, enjoy this time with your family and have a great summer!







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